Monday, January 25, 2010

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010

Some people call it Power Rangers v2, but to me, I considered to call it “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ReBirth” ‘cause that’s what it is.

I guess every fan of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series have already noticed the story about 5 teenagers who have been chosen to become the fighting force known to man by the powerful, yet wise, wizard, Zordon. They’ve been summoned to fight against the evil Rita Repultsa and her evil henchmen, Lord Zedd and his demotic minions, and so forth. This series has become the landmark of all what is which the first acknowledgment of Super Sentai to the U.S. audience.

Wait! After Power Rangers RPM, somehow Disney somehow doesn’t have the budget to adapt another Power Rangers series, which was SamuariRanger in Japan. So they decided to make a remade version of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers…and what do I think??Half good, half bad…For the good side, they kept EVERYTHING!! They kept the theme music, the background music, the original cast (R.I.P. Thuy Trang they will never replaced you as Trini), the zords, and the whole freaking dialogue cause Disney wants to stay true to the original not a crappy CGI remake with boring storylines like we see in other remakes and revivals.
The bad side…Is that necessary to have the comic book style montage added to the fight scenes and commercial break bumpers? I mean, it’s a good idea, but please make it more professional, ‘cause to me, it looks like it’s been edit through Sony Vegas. Yes, I use that program, but the series looks like it should've been on YouTube. Still I found the Batman-style fighting hilarious.

Overall, if you’re a true MMPR fan, you’ll love Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ReBirth. It stays as true to the original, and no changes with the exception of the logos and montages. GO GO POWER RANGERS!!!

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