Monday, January 25, 2010

MegaMan 10 was Confirmed!

Four weeks ago, Capcom introduced Megaman 10 for Wii Ware. The Blue Bomber returned for the tenth time to kick-off of the new decade! The game is still on the 8-bit format as MegaMan 9, but only exclusive for the WiiWare.

The Story so far is a weird virus spreading across the world; making the robots go completely insane. It’s up to MegaMan and his brother, ProtoMan to save the world. Now, we don’t know if it is Dr. Wily who was behind all of this or not, but the fact is that the robots must be destroyed in order to bring peace towards mankind. Now the game will feature an easy mode, and that will question the hardcore gamers in general. These types of gamers have busted their butts off to beat MegaMan 9, yet most of them don’t want to see an easy mode.

Like its successor, MegaMan 9, MegaMan doesn’t use the power shot and slide. Only Proto Man has those weapons in order to do such things like MegaMan used to do in MegaMan 4,5,6,7, and 8.

Like every MegaMan game you have 8 Robot Masters, two who are already confirmed are Sheep Man and Commando Man. Now, people are getting on the case about Sheep man, but they are some people who would rather wait and see how Sheep Man will develop before judging him. He might become a useful robot master or in the same category as TopMan, just a typical pushover. Commando Man is another Robot Master who some people think is a complete knock-off of Grenade Man from MegaMan 8. Just like Sheep Man, let’s just see how he pans out.

Overall, the game will be a must play for 2010. Some people think it will be the same old thing, but this game will be a must have for true hardcore MegaMan fans.
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